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Recruitment and Selection Course

Recruiting the right people is essential for any organisation's success. It is not just about finding candidates with the right skills but also those who share the company's values and culture.
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Recruit the best candidates and improve business performance.

This Recruitment and Selection course aims to equip you with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively manage the process of identifying and hiring the right candidates for a job. 

The course covers essential aspects of recruitment and selection, including job analysis, sourcing candidates, screening and selection techniques, and hiring procedures. Learn how to align recruitment strategies with the organisation's goals and develop effective job descriptions that attract the best candidates. 

You will also explore various selection methods, including interviews, tests, and assessments, and gain insights into legal and ethical considerations in recruitment and selection.

Content includes:

  • Overview of the recruitment process: Understanding the recruitment process and the different stages involved.
  • Job analysis and job description: Learning how to conduct a job analysis, write job descriptions and person specifications.
  • Sourcing candidates: Identifying various sources of candidates and understanding how to attract top talent.
  • Screening and shortlisting: Developing effective screening and shortlisting methods to identify the most suitable candidates.
  • Conducting interviews: Learning how to conduct effective interviews, ask the right questions, and assess candidate suitability.
  • Selection techniques: Understanding different selection methods, such as psychometric tests and assessment centres.
  • Employment law: Understanding the legal requirements and regulations related to recruitment and selection.
  • Diversity and inclusion: Understanding the importance of diversity and inclusion in the recruitment process and how to manage bias.
  • Onboarding: Learning how to onboard new employees effectively to ensure a smooth transition.
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Involved in the recruitment and selection process within an organisation

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Tips and techniques to improve their ability to recruit and select the best candidates for their organisation

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A more effective recruiter, which can lead to improved business performance through the acquisition of top talent

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