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Managing Remote Teams Course

Working remotely and communicating virtually can make it difficult for a team to achieve high performance … and indeed to even feel like working in a team
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Working from home and hybrid working introduce a new set of challenges for managers and leaders, as well as for employees.

This Managing Remote Teams course focuses on building and sustaining high performance in a remote team setting. You will learn practical approaches to running virtual meetings, managing performance and communicating appropriately and effectively with your team. You will also explore the leadership behaviours that cultivate feelings of trust and unity and provide a strong foundation for effective collaboration.

You will also gain practical skills for using remote collaboration tools and techniques, as well as strategies for addressing common challenges that arise when managing remote teams, such as dealing addressing communication barriers, and promoting team cohesion.

Content includes:

  • Communication strategies: Communicate effectively with remote team members, including how to provide feedback, set expectations, and resolve conflicts from a distance.
  • Building trust: Learn how to build trust with your remote team members, as trust is essential for maintaining a cohesive and productive team.
  • Remote team management tools: Tools and technologies that can help you manage a remote team, such as project management software, video conferencing tools, and communication platforms.
  • Managing remote team dynamics: Navigate the unique challenges of managing a remote team, including how to promote collaboration, manage performance, and ensure that remote team members feel connected to the larger organisation.
  • Creating a remote team culture: Create a positive and productive remote team culture, including strategies for building team morale, encouraging innovation, and fostering a sense of community among remote team members.
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Is For Individuals Who Are...

Managing or supervising remote teams, or plan to do so in the future

Looking For...

Tools and techniques to learn how to effectively communicate and collaborate with their team members

To Become...

A more effective manager or team leader in a remote or hybrid work environment

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