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Appraisal Skills Course

This Appraisal Skills training course is an essential resource for managers seeking to gain a comprehensive understanding of providing honest and equitable feedback, nurturing their team, enhancing morale, and maximising the benefits of the appraisal process.
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Create an appraisal strategy that aligns with your organisation's objectives and your teams needs with our Appraisal skills training course. 

Frequently, performance evaluations turn into confrontational encounters where managers struggle to communicate their feedback effectively and employees become defensive and resistant to change. Consequently, managers dread conducting appraisals, and employees dread receiving them. 

This invaluable Appraisal Skills training course provides managers with a variety of methods, techniques, and strategies to ensure that the evaluations they conduct are well-organised, fruitful, and constructive, resulting in a positive experience for both parties.

Content includes:

  • Active listening: Encouraging managers to listen actively to their employees' feedback and concerns, and to approach performance conversations with an open mind.
  • Structured feedback: Providing a framework for giving feedback that is clear, specific, and actionable, using examples and specific metrics where possible.
  • Goal setting: Helping managers to set SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) goals for their employees that align with the organisation's overall objectives.
  • Coaching and mentoring: Teaching managers to coach and mentor their employees to help them develop their skills and achieve their goals.
  • Managing difficult conversations: Providing techniques for managing difficult situations such as poor performance, conflicts, and emotional reactions, and for delivering feedback in a constructive and professional manner.
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Is For Individuals Who Are...

Involved in any aspect of the appraisal process and want to refine their skills to ensure the process has the greatest possible impact

Looking For...

The skills to achieve positive outcomes and behavioural changes through an appraisal process

To Become...

More effective when planning, structuring and delivering appraisals to ensure they have a genuine impact on the organisation

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