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Introduction to Project Management

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Management & Leadership

The basics of sound management - clear objective setting, structured performance evaluation systems, honest and open feedback and communication, etc. - aren't rocket science.  In fact, they're way easier than rocket science.  Which is why companies ought to get them right.

Your managers of today will become your leaders of tomorrow and if your company is just going out and hiring leaders instead of developing its own, you have to ask: Why?

Engaged employees are happier and more productive.  Disengaged employees are frustrated and more disruptive.

An employee's relationship with his or her direct manager is the most important single factor in employee engagement.

Because there's no widely agreed-on skillset for management (good managers come in all shapes and sizes), there's an assumption everyone knows how to do it. This is akin to someone who's never driven before being given keys to a car and told "Drive."

Introduction to Project Management Course Overview

Project Management skills are increasingly being applied in organisations to the management of small to medium size projects, carried out over a period of weeks or months and involving people from all functions. In organisations where functional boundaries are crossed routinely, project management has replaced traditional management methods as the day to day way of operating.

Content includes:

  • Overview of Project Management
  • Introduction to the Project Life Cycle
  • Stakeholder Analysis
  • Project Teams and Leadership
  • Planning Projects.
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