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ILM Accredited Courses

We are passionate about harnessing the power of leadership & management to transform people and businesses for the better. As an ILM approved centre, we can design and develop bespoke programmes perfectly suited to your needs.
ILM Accredited

Go further with leadership development for you and your organisation.

Every year the ILM qualifies 70,000 leaders and managers, helping them develop the critical skills to succeed, and in doing so make a real difference to the present and future of workplaces in the UK and globally.

At Total Excellence Centre, we pride ourselves on our quality of delivery and support and work with organisations of all sizes, designing robust programmes that give our learners the freedom to focus on those leadership skills they most urgently need, whether that’s decision-making, teamwork, creativity, strategic planning, or anything else.

We help organisations energise their people, develop careers and achieve success. Businesses across the world choose ILM vocational qualifications as they are recognised as practical, impactful leadership development programmes, that deliver measurable results.

How do ILM qualifications benefit you.

ILM creates leaders and develops managers through qualifications, training and cutting edge research. 

ILM Qualifications are globally recognised, they are popular worldwide and designed to support individuals in developing their leadership and management skills and knowledge.

Our courses include real-life scenarios that help improve work performance and assist individuals in their day-to-day job.

We have designed our ILM qualifications with the intent to build confidence in managing people and processes effectively. Our ILM courses ensure that the individuals have all the required skills to manage tasks and teams effectively, which can help them get new jobs, promotions, or pay rises.

Frequently Asked Questions

What ILM qualifications do we offer?

We offer a wide range of leadership and management qualifications, including levels 2-5, which cover topics such as leadership and management, coaching and mentoring, team leading, and workplace coaching.

How long does it take to complete an ILM qualification?

The length of time it takes to complete an ILM qualification varies depending on the level of the qualification, the mode of study, and the individual's pace of learning. Typically, ILM qualifications range from a few weeks to a year.

How are ILM qualifications assessed?

ILM qualifications are assessed using a variety of methods, including written assignments, practical assessments, work-based projects, and reflective journals. Some qualifications also require learners to participate in group discussions or presentations.

What are the benefits of studying an ILM qualification?

Studying an ILM qualification can help individuals develop essential leadership and management skills, improve their career prospects, increase their earning potential, and enhance their professional reputation. 

Are ILM qualifications recognised internationally?

Yes, ILM qualifications are recognised internationally and are highly respected in many countries. ILM has partnerships with organisations and institutions in over 100 countries, and their qualifications have been accredited by various awarding bodies and educational authorities around the world.

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