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Resilient Leadership Programme

In today’s organisational life, people are expected to handle a lot. The resilience of leaders has a significant impact on their thinking, emotions and performance as well as the performance and engagement of their teams.
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Leaders who exhibit high levels of resilience tend to display positive behaviour, experience reduced stress levels, and foster improved team dynamics.

Resilience refers to our ability to view setbacks as learning opportunities and manage our emotional responses to stress. It has been linked to higher work satisfaction, lower levels of depression, and overall well-being.

Although some individuals may assume that resilience is only evident in the face of adversity, it can actually be cultivated and reinforced through self-examination and intentional training.

Consisting of six 3-hour "live" Zoom sessions, these concise and targeted impactful topics, are intended to foster the fundamental thinking, emotional, and social abilities that enhance performance, uphold wellbeing, and deliver results.

Our goal is to cultivate resilient leaders who possess the capacity to maintain their energy levels even when faced with pressure, navigate through disruptive changes, and adjust to any circumstances that arises.

Content includes: 

  • Leadership & Personal Brand: Leadership and personal branding are two important concepts that can greatly impact an individual's success in various aspects of life, including career and personal relationships.
  • Emotionally Intelligent Leaders: Leaders that stand out are leaders with high EQi (emotional intelligence quotient). The difference that makes a difference in successful and impactful leaders, is their emotional and social functioning. They can recognise, understand and manage own emotions and recognise , understand and influence the emotions of others in equal measure.
  • Managing Stress & Building Resilience: Self-care is crucial for managing stress and building resilience. To build resilience, you can focus on developing coping skills, such as problem-solving, positive thinking, and mindfulness.
  • Imposter Syndrome: Perfectionism drives many people in today’s performance culture and can be a positive influence that drives high standards. It can also be highly restrictive, holding us back and fuelling Imposter Syndrome.
  • Introduction to Coaching Psychology: One of the most popular and effective leadership and management tools available. A skills base and approach that is a useful addition to any leader’s arsenal. It is impactful, meaningful, and relevant to the current context, so therefore an extremely pragmatic and practical skill to have and use.
  • Managing Wellbeing & Change: Change is inevitable and due to current challenging times, many of us are facing more enforced change that we wouldn’t have necessarily chosen for ourselves, or our businesses. This is for those leaders who feel that they could benefit from being more equipped and resourced to embrace change in a healthier way, for themselves and/or those that they lead.
Res Leaders

Is For Individuals Who Are...

Looking to build their own confidence in terms of who they are and what they do and bounce back from any challenging or adverse situation, knowing they will find an effective and healthy way to deal with uncertainty, change and even crisis

Looking For...

Clear, actionable steps for personal growth, improved mental health and reduced anxiety and continued professional development

To Become...

Confident and able to build resilience for whatever is round the corner and learn how to rebalance

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