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Introduction to Coaching Psychology Course

Coaching Psychology is a growing field that offers individuals and organisations a range of benefits, including increased productivity, enhanced performance, and improved well-being.
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Coaching psychology is based on the belief that people have the capacity to change and grow, and that they can learn new skills and behaviours that will help them achieve their goals.

This Introduction to Coaching Psychology course is designed to provide learners with a foundational understanding of coaching psychology, its principles, and its application. We explore the psychology behind coaching and how to overcome barriers to success, fostering a coaching mindset and approaches to unlocking people’s potential to improve performance.

Effective coaching can be used to support personal and professional development from talent management, leadership challenges to enhancing wellbeing, engagement, accountability and responsibility. By attending this course you understand more about what coaching is and the difference it can make in your organisation at every level.

Content includes:

  • Introduction to coaching psychology: Understand the theoretical foundations of coaching psychology and its role in personal and professional development.
  • Effective communication: Use effective communication skills to establish rapport, build trust and facilitate positive change with clients.
  • Coaching techniques: Develop evidence-based coaching techniques, such as cognitive-behavioural and solution-focused approaches, to facilitate change and enhance client well-being.
  • Personality and motivation: Develop an understanding of the role of personality and motivation in coaching, and learn how to tailor coaching interventions to individual clients.
  • Goal setting: Develop skills in goal-setting and action planning, and learn how to support clients in implementing and sustaining behaviour change.
  • Self-awareness: Develop skills in self-reflection and self-evaluation, and learn how to use these processes to enhance coaching effectiveness and personal growth.
  • Coaching Strategies: Understand the challenges and opportunities of coaching in a variety of settings, including organisational and business contexts, and learn how to adapt coaching strategies to different clients and situations.
  • Coaching Philosophy: Develop a personal coaching philosophy and style, and learn how to integrate coaching principles and practices into one's own professional and personal life.
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Is For Individuals Who Are...

Interested in personal and professional development, and wish to learn coaching skills to help themselves and others

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Skills to learn how to apply coaching psychology principles to personal and professional development

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More aware of how coaching can support personal and professional growth and development

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