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Coaching For Performance Improvement Course

Developing the skills and techniques to help others understand themselves and develop their own skills requires a combination of knowledge, empathy, and communication abilities.
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Coaching is a powerful tool that can help managers and leaders unlock the potential of their employees and boost their performance with our Coaching for Performance Improvement training course.

In today's competitive business world, organisations must continuously improve their performance to stay ahead. And for that, they need employees who are highly motivated, engaged, and productive. 

This Coaching for Performance Improvement training course is designed to equip managers and leaders with the skills and knowledge they need to become effective coaches

By the end of this course, learners will have a clear understanding of the coaching process and be able to apply their new skills to improve the performance of their team members. They will also have access to a range of coaching tools and resources that they can use in their daily work

Content includes:

  • Introduction to coaching: The fundamentals of coaching, including the role of the coach, the benefits of coaching, and different coaching approaches.
  • Goal setting and planning: How to set clear goals and objectives for individuals or teams, and how to develop action plans to achieve them.
  • Communication skills: Effective communication is a key aspect of coaching for performance improvement. Develop skills in active listening, questioning techniques, and providing feedback.
  • Performance evaluation: How to evaluate an individual's or team's performance objectively and how to provide constructive feedback for improvement.
  • Motivation and engagement: Learn how to motivate individuals or teams, how to identify and overcome barriers to motivation, and how to engage employees in the coaching process.
  • Conflict resolution: Conflict can be a major barrier to performance improvement. Learn how to identify and address conflict, and how to facilitate effective conflict resolution.
  • Coaching tools and techniques: Develop a range of coaching tools and techniques that can be used to support individuals or teams, including visualisation, role-playing, and action learning.
  • Coaching ethics and standards: Look at ethical considerations in coaching and the standards that coaches should adhere to.
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Is For Individuals Who Are...

Wanting to improve the performance of individuals or teams in the workplace

Looking For...

An understanding of coaching principles and techniques, and how to apply them to improve individual and team performance

To Become...

Confident in developing and implementing coaching plans, evaluating performance and providing feedback for improvement

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