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ILM Level 3: STEP UP - Managing for Success

Give your managers the foundation to formally develop and become more effective in their role.
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ILM Level 3: STEP UP - Managing for Success

Date & Time

Module 1 & 2: 16th & 17th September (9am -5pm)
Modules 3 & 4: 14th & 15th October (9am - 5pm)


Greater Manchester


£1350 plus VAT per person
10% discount on bookings of 3 or more people
Early Bird Discount £75 per person if booked before 31st July
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Learning Formats

Classroom Training
Facilitator-Led at your Location
ILM Accredited Course

Upcoming Dates

16 Sep
ILM Level 3: STEP UP - Managing for Success
Module 1 & 2: 16th & 17th September (9am -5pm)
Modules 3 & 4: 14th & 15th October (9am - 5pm)
Venue: Greater Manchester

Cost: £1350 plus VAT per person
10% discount on bookings of 3 or more people
Early Bird Discount £75 per person if booked before 31st July

Developing skills & knowledge to become a high performing manager

Our ‘STEP UP - Managing for Success’ programme is for in post, new or aspiring first line managers.

The programme consists of

  • 4 classroom workshops
  • ILM Registration, two assignments, and certification
  • ILM Studying membership.
  • Comprehensive learning materials
  • Lunch and refreshments

This highly interactive programme is designed to increase performance and develop core skills, increase performance and build their confidence and competence to become effective in their first line management role. 

Your Managers will learn how to create a positive team culture, set clear expectations and provide effective feedback. 

At the end of this programme they will be able to:

  • Understand the role of a manager and the responsibility that comes with it
  • Identify and understand their own strengths, weaknesses and management & leadership styles
  • Build positive working relationships and communicate confidently with their teams and peers
  • Motivate people to improve performance
  • Build, manage and nurture high-performing teams

Working alongside people from other businesses, participants will have an opportunity to share experiences, practice new skills, receive feedback and create personal development plans

Module 1 - Essential Management Skills

Develop the core skills needed for effective management and fully understand the essential management principles, to successfully manage a team, and become a respected manager. 


  • Understand the role and responsibilities of being a manager
  • Identify different management styles, and understand when to apply them
  • Know when and how to delegate tasks and understand how to harness delegation to help people develop
  • Develop the ability to communicate with confidence and build positive working relationships
  • Grow your team into a high performing unit

Module 2 - Leading & Motivating a Team Effectively

Understand the need for teams to have a sense of vision and purpose and the role that effective communication, motivation and individual and team development play in enabling this to happen. 


  • Explain the importance of the team having a common sense of purpose that supports the overall vision and strategy of the organisation
  • Explore the role that communication plays in establishing a common sense of purpose
  • Assess the effectiveness of own communication skills
  • Recognise the main motivational factors and how these may apply to different situations, teams and individuals
  • Consider the importance of a leader being able to motivate teams and individuals and gain their commitments to objectives

Module 3 - Problem Solving & Decision Making

Understand how to better solve workplace problems, such as performance issues, and make better decisions by being assertive, influential and communicating effectively.


  • Explore different decision making models and learn how to select the most appropriate model for a given situation
  • Learn how to recognise, define and clarify problems to be solved
  • Understand how to monitor progress and evaluate effectiveness of the chosen solution
  • Learn how to communicate effectively and collaborate with others in the decision making process

Module 4 - Understanding Performance Management

Develop knowledge and understanding of a managers responsibilities for managing team and individual performance. 


  • Recognise the value of assessing performance to meet organisational and individual needs and the managers role in performance management
  • Identify ways to manage the performance of individuals in the team ensuring fair and objective assessment
  • Explore ways of setting SMART objectives and performance standards for team members and measuring performance against agreed standards
  • Consider the importance of feedback to improve performance and know how and to give effective feedback
  • Recognise potential areas of underperformance and develop a range of performance improvement methods to restore performance

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