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The Personal Touch Leads To A Long Standing Training Relationship With A&F Sprinklers


“We like the personal touch that Total Excellence Centre provides to us. We have been working with them for over four years now and will continue to for the foreseeable future.” Dan Clayton, HR Manager, A&F Sprinklers.  

A&F Sprinklers install and service any sprinkler system in the UK.  Their comprehensive services include design and installation, maintenance and aftercare, as well as offering training and providing 24/7 call-outs to their clients. They work across a wide variety of sectors, including retail and warehouse through to domestic homes and care homes.  Training is at the core of their business, along with adhering to strict ISO QA standards and audits each year to ensure they are compliant.

The Challenge:

A&F Sprinklers have three main employee divisions, Engineering,  Administration and Management. Management styles within the divisions varied and there were some challenges with people management skills that they were keen to address. A&F Sprinklers wanted to invest in their divisions to create a more transparent way for employees and managers to work together more effectively.

The Solution:

Total Excellence Centre met with A&F Sprinklers to discuss their training needs in more detail. They clearly explained their range of services and courses and which ones would best suit A&F Sprinklers requirements.

 One of the first things that were recommended by Total Excellence Centre was an ILM training programme in Management & Leadership, funded by the ESFA.  This programme is targeted at Middle and Senior managers and provides them with a thorough grounding in managing and leading people's performance.

Total Excellence Centre is an ILM approved training centre, delivering qualifications from Levels 2 to 5, ensuring they deliver real organisational application and improvement.

Successful completion of these programmes results in delegates receiving an internationally recognised Management, Leadership and Coaching training qualification.

Once the initial ILM Level 4 training programme was successfully completed by a cohort of senior managers, additional people from the business were also keen to complete the qualification, based on the feedback from their colleagues.

AF Sprinklers were keen to offer this leadership development to those willing to take the time to commit to the programme and demonstrate the learning back in the workplace.

The programme was broken down into a number of topics, including; managing and leading people, leadership capabilities, performance management, leadership impact, influence and persuasion, emotional intelligence, resilience, change, and problem-solving and decision making.

The relationship between Total Excellence Centre and A&F Sprinklers has gone from strength to strength and the company continues to invest in their people. Employees are offered a range of personal development and business skills training courses, which are designed and delivered specifically to the needs of the business. A number of senior managers also benefit from 1:1 coaching with Total Excellence Centre coaches.

“Our aim is to deliver bespoke support, courses and programmes to businesses throughout the UK. We take the time to learn about each client’s business and discuss in detail what they hope to get out of each project. A&F Sprinklers are a great company to work with. They are enthusiastic and engaging and are truly committed to providing their staff with personal development opportunities” Michelle Mercer, Director, Total Excellence Centre.

The Results:

The continuous investment in learning and development delivered by Total Excellence Centre has led to a more motivated and engaged workforce for A&F Sprinklers. It has also reduced the level of day to day input the HR department had previously provided, allowing the team to become more efficient.

“The support from Total Excellence Centre and its trainers has helped A&F Sprinklers meet its learning and development objectives and we will continue to work with them throughout 2022, with our next upcoming project focussing on our Vision, Mission and Values strategy for the business.   

Total Excellence Centre is passionate about what they do and stood out from the start for us. They totally believe in people and how to get the best out of them. They explain exactly what is entailed with each project and have consistently delivered first-class training and support to our employees.  Our feedback is always listened to and followed up. Overall Total Excellence Centre has helped to create a workforce that is more motivated and engaged.” Dan Clayton, HR Manager, A&F Sprinklers



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