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MEL Chemicals secures match funding through the science industry partnership

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  • 03 July 2017
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Cogent Skills supported MEL Chemicals to secure match funding for their training requirements through the SIP for the BOLD Management and Leadership Development Programme provided by Total Excellence Centre. MEL Chemicals were undertaking the training to improve the 2017 future plans of the company including the USA site.

We now speak to both Hazel Stephenson, Divisional R&D Director from MEL Chemicals and Michelle Mercer, Director from Total Excellence Centre on the successful delivery of the training and how the celebration event was an achievement.

Speaking to Hazel Stephenson at MEL Chemicals we asked:

>When did you first identify the need for training?

It is something we have been trying to do for over 5 years, but without securing the funding it was not possible due to restrictions in training budgets.

> What has been the result of the training?

We have used the training to help identify future areas for us to work on, in particular we are using this to help move towards the Investors in People certification, and hope to apply for this during 2017. We have been successful in getting several volunteers to become “BOLD champions” to help progress improvement projects. We are also looking to roll out the initiatives to our USA site.

> How did the Science Industry Partnership help?

The SIP helped by providing the funding and template framework. Also very helpful to get staff from Cogent Skills coming to our celebration day to give a short talk regarding what they do and how it can benefit to put the training into context across the industry.

> How did you select the employees to go through the BOLD Management and Leadership Development Programme?

We prioritised line managers and those in key positions which may not have any direct reports but that deal with people regulatory (e.g. HSE manager, quality manager, IT and HR).

> Have you used Total Excellence Centre before for training and development? What is it that you like about them or their delivery?

We have worked with them on several projects over the last 5 years. We like the high quality of delivery and engagement from all their trainers and support staff. They are a very approachable and likeable team who always to listen to our needs in order to tailor courses and programmes, to suit our specific business requirements. The additional support and advice we get from them is excellent and without their help, we would not have secured funding for this BOLD Management & Leadership Development programme.

“The programme fits in well with the businesses current cultural development, and with its journey of change, we realise that people are at different levels and we want to bring everybody together on the same course to get that standard foundation. We had positive reports back from staff that Total Excellence Centre has delivered a really good programme.” Lee Constable, Head of UK Operations, MEL Chemicals.

“We have got a lot of really good managers who have perhaps come into their position by promotion internally so maybe had no formal management or leadership training. Being able to bring it all together, get the teams working together as a whole team and the feedback for Total Excellence Centre has been fantastic. They loved the trainers; Tom and Tess always go down really well.” Hazel Stephenson, Divisional R&D Director, MEL Chemicals.

Speaking to Total Excellence Centre, Michelle Mercer said:

As a business, our overall philosophy is to design and deliver meaningful learning and development programmes that help people use their knowledge and abilities to accomplish great things and improve organisational performance and overall effectiveness in the workplace and therefore long-term measurable benefits for our clients.

They are a very approachable and likeable team who always to listen to our needs in order to tailor courses and programmes, to suit our specific business requirements.""

> How did the delivery of the training to MEL Chemicals unfold?

We were delighted to be working so closely with MEL Chemicals again on this latest initiative; the development and implementation of a much awaited, innovative and BOLD Management & Leadership programme.

This was designed specifically around the needs of the business and their people and their impressive mission; to promote and develop strong leadership and management skills and capabilities for the ongoing growth of the business and delivered in a highly engaging, educational, pragmatic, meaningful and as importantly – enjoyable way!

The programme culminated in a fun, informative celebration event, where we brought all of the cohorts together as a group, delivered a few fun group exercises to build on the programme and we had some great guest speakers join us.

“The most important thing about the BOLD programme is that people can take some tangible skills away, and apply them to the workplace to make a real difference to themselves as individuals, the teams and the organisation as a whole. At the awards ceremony, there was a real buzz about the place and you can see that people have really taken on board a lot of the learning but what is really important is thinking about applying the learning back into the workplace.” Tom Courtney, Trainer, Total Excellence Centre

“The feedback from everyone at MEL Chemicals has been fantastic, from the Managing Director and his Board of Directors and all attendees – everyone has been delighted with the whole programme and we now plan to build on the success of this over the next few years!" Michelle Mercer, Director, Total Excellence Centre

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