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2024: The Year of Personal Development

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  • 02 January 2024
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Welcome to 2024! We hope you had a fantastic Christmas break, filled with fun and perhaps a little too much indulgence! As we gear up for a brand new year, we’re here to sprinkle some motivation on your return to reality.

Now, we know the start of a new year often brings resolutions that are as short-lived as the Maltesers in a tub of Celebrations, but we're here to encourage you to change that narrative.

Let's make 2024 your year of professional brilliance, where you don't just set goals, but smash them.

We believe in the power personal development has in transforming your career. Personal development can help you to grow and understand your colleagues around you much better. This not only gives you a much better working environment, but also helps you to achieve your goals and targets for the year.

Do you write down your goals?

There are many benefits of setting goals, including giving yourself greater direction, focus and increased productivity. Not only that, setting goals that are specific and measurable can also transform your habits, your mindset, your confidence, and your daily actions.

A study from the Journal of Applied Psychology found that writing down goals increased the likelihood of achieving them by 42%. The researchers also found that writing down goals was more effective than simply thinking about them or verbally expressing them to others.

So what are you hoping to achieve in 2024? Do you want to become a better leader, a better coach, improve your presentation skills or even sharpen up your sales tactics?

With courses for every part of a business, here are just a few examples of how we can help you to develop into the best you can be in 2024…

1. Leadership training

Becoming a more successful leader requires a combination of skills, knowledge, and mindset. Leadership isn’t necessarily about being someone’s boss, but more about being a helping hand, a role model and a mentor. Identifying your own leadership style is key for both yourself, and your team around you.

2. Becoming an effective coach

Coaching isn't just about strategy; it's about unlocking potential. Over the past 30 years, we’ve noticed that there is definitely a delicate art of giving constructive feedback. In organisations, developing a coaching culture can bring many benefits, including increased employee engagement, better communication, higher productivity, and improved overall performance.

3. Learning to present with impact

Does the thought of presenting in front of a room of people fill you with dread? Our presentation skills workshops are tailored for individuals who have prior presentation experience and aim to elevate, rejuvenate, and refine their abilities to deliver captivating and impactful presentations.

If you have specific goals in mind for yourself or your team in 2024, we specialise in creating bespoke courses, tailored to the exact needs of our clients. If you’d like to chat to a member of the team about the areas you’d like to grow and develop, then please get in touch.

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