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A better, stronger and more confident sales person.
Sales & Customer Service

Today, many businesses make the mistake of viewing Sales and Customer Service as separate operations, when in fact they are closely connected.

The best Sales professionals are good, all-round business people, who use their problem-solving skills to understand, anticipate and meet their customers’ needs.

The job of the customer service professional is to then ensure that those expectations are fulfilled.

The customer journey isn’t just a case of a customer purchasing a product or service and then asking for help only in the event of an issue arising, so your existing customers should never be neglected, or under estimated. They are perfectly primed to increase their spend on your products and services and can also provide word of mouth referrals.

To achieve this, your Sales and Customer Service people should work together and not be independent of each other.

With the same values being the driving force between service and sales, the overall result should always be a positive customer experience. Therefore, your goal is the same and your message is the same.

Creating a strong, efficient sales and customer team, is one the most important things you will do for your business and giving your people the best training and resources possible, is a sure-fire way to grow your business.

Remember, without it your teams will flounder and business growth can then become stagnant.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that everyone in your business is potentially a sales person, so training does not necessarily need to be limited to your sales teams. Everyone can benefit from sales training, which will result in a stronger sales culture, throughout your business.

Advanced Selling Skills Course Overview

By completing this programme, your personal strategy and strategic focus to ‘hunting’ for new business and ‘Account Managing’ existing business will be transformed. New and existing clients will say "It has to be YOU as you are a partner to my business!" Sales will flow more freely; you will be consciously more competent and you will have cutting-edge ‘advanced’ selling skills, stronger client relationships and critically, the Strategy and Approach to take you and your business into your ‘Best Year Yet’.

Content includes:

  • My ‘Best Year Yet’!
  • Personal Strategy
  • Understanding your Client’s Strategy
  • Developing my ‘Customer Experience’ Outlook and Mindset
  • Your ‘Customer Experience’ and my ‘Limiting Paradigms’
  • Developing your Networking Skills
  • Maximising your Team Working skills and Joint Calling
  • Presenting with Impact.
Total Excellence Centre
Inspirational Leadership Skills

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