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Techniques to improve their communication skills.
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More confident and more adept at communicating.
Personal Development

If a business isn't positively encouraging their staff to grow and develop, their focus will shift into other areas of life, where growth can occur. Some people may find this development elsewhere and that could even be through a new job, whilst others will simply find something else to distract them.

Businesses, both large or small, are starting to recognise the importance of investing in the development of their staff, as it brings about many benefits, including; increased productivity, better quality of work, improved staff retention and employee satisfaction.

Employees who develop a wider range of personal and business skills, are ultimately able to undertake a greater variety of work.

Providing developmental opportunities is so important in business today that those who do not provide this, will eventually start to see cracks appearing.

If you give a person the opportunity to learn a new skill of their choosing, anywhere in life, you can bet they’ll want to instantly put it into practice. If those opportunities come in the work place, team members become more motivated to produce results.

Communication Skills Course Overview

Effective communication is essential for business success. Whether building rapport with potential clients, dealing with customers, or meeting with colleagues in the workplace, the ability to communicate with maximum impact is a skill that all business people need, yet many find difficult to master. Upon completion of the course, delegates will have a sound understanding of the various methods of communication, and will be able to demonstrate good communication skills.

Content includes:

  • Communication Styles
  • Verbal Communications
  • Making the Voice Work for You
  • Communicating by Telephone
  • Non-verbal Communications
  • Active Listening
  • Dealing with Conflict.
Total Excellence Centre
Inspirational Leadership Skills

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