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Is for individuals who are...
Managers or supervisors with limited experience of recruitment, who need to understand the importance of adopting a structured recruitment process and the use of relevant selection methods, as well as understanding the whole selection process.
Looking for...
Ways to tailor the interview process to get the most important information from your candidates, whilst ensuring your selection process remains legally compliant.
To become...
Adept at refining behaviour in order to ensure the right candidate is selected, for the right role.
Public & Funded Courses

Working in partnership with ERDF and ESF, we are passionate about providing businesses and entrepreneurs with engaging and effective learning & development programmes, expertise and coaching support for themselves and their teams.

Some of our funded courses form part of the hugely successful EDP initiative, also known as the Executive Development Programme and are fully funded by ERDF for eligible businesses.

Our accredited Supervisory, Management & Leadership programmes form part of the nationally recognised; Skills Support for the Workforce, also known as the SSW Programme, funded by ESF for eligible businesses.

All of our courses and programmes will enable you to: deliver results, change behaviours and raise performance in your business.

SSW Eligibility Criteria: This programme is available to all Greater Manchester and Lancashire based SME businesses who; employ less than 250 employees and turnover less than £36m

EDP Eligibility Criteria: Available to all Greater Manchester based SME businesses that employ up to 250 employees, have the capacity to create jobs and increase turnover/sales, have a T/O less than £43m and be involved in B2B activities (at least 50%).

To date we have worked with over 450 businesses from the region, with some fantastic feedback and truly amazing results.

Our EDP courses include: 

Our SSW courses include: 

Course Overview

Getting recruitment wrong can be costly both in terms of time, expenditure and impact to the business. This comprehensive recruitment and selection course, which covers practical interviewing skills and candidate screening methodology with hands-on exercises and practice interviews. This course will take the delegates through the entire recruitment process with special emphasis given to the interview element of the process.

Content includes

  • Introduction to the Field of Recruitment
  • The skills and qualities of an effective recruiter
  • What to do when a job becomes available
  • Analysing the job
  • Developing a Personnel Specification
  • Introduction to Interviewing
  • Interview Skills Practice
  • Types of Interviews
  • Their Purposes
  • Skills and Attributes of effective interviewers
  • lanning and Conducting Interviews
  • Planning, Structuring and Conducting Recruitment Interviews
  • Questioning and Listening at Interviews
  • Types of question
  • Structuring Questions
  • Listening Skills
  • Feedback
  • Introduction to Feedback
  • Structuring Feedback
  •  Giving Feedback at Interviews
  • Types of Feedback and New thinking in the field


Fully funded if eligible


£500 + VAT per delegate (10% Discount for 3 or more delegates)

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