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Coaching For Performance Improvement

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Is for individuals who are...
Anyone who has an interest and a basic skill to help others to improve.
Looking for...
The skills and techniques to be able to help others understand themselves, and to develop skills which they can then use to help themselves.
To become...
A skilled performance improvement coach.
Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching is a specialist form of development. It is particularly suited to people who need something outside the scope of formal management development training.

Coaching can also assist organisations with key business goals as it boosts productivity and effectiveness. This is especially important if you have employees taking on new or leadership level roles.

Whether it's 1:1 Coaching support you need or whether you are looking to develop a group of workplace Coaches, we can help you.

Our Coaches are highly skilled and trained to work with our clients, to inspire them to fulfil their personal and professional potential and increase their productivity & effectiveness.

They will work with you and/or your employees, to identify and create clarity around key business goals and establish effective management strategies to ensure goals are met.

Coaching is an ideal way to develop your employees and show them that you value their development.

Ultimately, Coaching enables people to:

·         Increase their self-belief and confidence

·         Move beyond the obstacles that prevent progress

·         Enhance their interpersonal skills

·         Improve their leadership effectiveness

·         Increase their personal and business performance

·         Determine appropriate goals, strategies, tactics and action plans

·         Improve their career prospects

·         Develop their vision and direction

Coaching for Performance Improvement Course Overview

By understanding and implementing proven Coaching models and essential skills, each organisation can start to develop strategies for a Coaching culture which will result in the following benefits: develop the effectiveness of others through learning; increase better working relationships, by actively listening to your people; create more time for yourself through efficient delegation; recognise real training needs; and improve business performance.

Content includes:

  • Coaching Foundations
  • Different Coaching Styles and their Benefits
  • Facilitating the Coaching Process
  • The Different Approaches
  • Key Communication Skills
  • Development of Individual Skills and Feedback
  • Continuous Personal Development
  • Theory into Practice.
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