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We are pleased to announce our

Partnership with Innate Leaders, authors of ‘The Six Attributes of a Leadership Mindset’

The Innate Leaders programme has been specifically designed to instill a mindset approach in individuals and teams that will help them deal with the challenges of today and tomorrow.

You may have attended numerous Management and Leadership courses and thought that whilst they were useful, you now want something more and something different!

Innate Leaders is for people who are...

Striving to create meaningful solutions to team or business challenges

Looking For...

Long-term solutions that they can maintain themselves

Looking to be...

A flexible and adaptable business of leaders working in the best interests of the entire company

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Our Approach

Innate Leaders combines team coaching with management consulting in a two-stage process that helps your people think differently. First, we develop a leadership mindset—introducing qualities like flexibility of mind and enterprise thinking.

We then work with you to apply that new way of thinking to the business challenges your organisation faces, resulting in a self-sustainable solution to those challenges.

The result; A long term solution that your people are invested in, because they helped create it!!

There is also a bonus; Because the shift in mindset stays with your business, it allows your teams to solve the challenges of today and tomorrow without the need for any consultants, including us!!

Our solution has a wide range of applications, including building cohesive leadership teams, helping leadership teams develop bold strategies and the means to implement them and addressing unique business challenges.

It is also effective in change management, where we focus on creating leaders, rather than followers of new systems, processes, or ways of working.


Mindset Consulting Overview

Mindset Consulting works in a two-stage process.

Initially, we help grow the six attributes of your people – qualities like flexibility of mind, genuine curiosity, and enterprise thinking.

We then apply the shift in thinking to the real world challenges your team or business is facing

Mindset Consulting is effective for:

  • Designing & Embedding Change
  • Strategic Direction & Implementation
  • Building Cohesive Leadership Teams
  • Tackling Unique Business Challenges
  • Building a Leadership Culture Throughout Your Business

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