Advanced Selling Skills

This course covers the science of questions during qualification, advanced objection handling skills and detailed role-plays, which form a major part of the course.

Finally, a review of closing techniques and a self-analysis of preferred behavioural styles highlight the most appropriate strategies for each individual.

Basic Sales Skills

This course will introduce delegates to the rudiments of selling. It will guide delegates step by step through the basics of the sales structure.

It will heighten awareness and offer a range of skills and techniques required in order to sell.

This course will offer the core structures and disciplines needed and will act as a fantastic foundation into the sales arena.

Customer Delight

“Delight occurs when a customer receives service that is BETTER than they would have believed possible”

Customers are continually evolving and becoming more demanding, so businesses can never sit back complacently. This course will set the stage for excellence in service. By the end of this course participants will understand that Customer Delight is rarely experienced, not difficult to practice and once experienced NEVER FORGOTTEN.

Influencing and Persuading

This course offers valuable insights into behaviour and how to use it to apply influence. The principles learned can be applied to the sales and negotiation process and form powerful tools to aid the achievement of Win/Win agreements.

Key Account Management

The growth and development of existing accounts takes skill and tenacity. This course will offer delegates the skill and techniques of how to recognise, gain and maintain maximum revenue from accounts.

An effective Account Manager needs to understand; Buyer behaviour within their accounts, their thought process, motives and preferred mode of communication of their client.

Once the process of managing and growing the account is in place, a strong structured and highly disciplined sales structure is trained and demonstrated.

Negotiation Skills

The ability to negotiate successfully is a key business and management skill. This course will enable you to understand and apply a set of processes, styles and tactics to achieve your objectives and develop productive, long-term business relationships that save time, effort and money.


This programme is for anyone who has to attend conventions, business receptions, fundraisers etc. and would like them to be easier! Participants will gain the techniques required to 'work' the room and reap the benefits - personally and professionally.

Presentation Skills

Everyone, at some time, will be required to deliver a presentation. When facing this challenge, it's important to use the time available to make an impact and ensure that the desired message is understood and remembered. This highly interactive, fast moving course shows how a structured application of techniques results in a successful presentation every time.

Presenting with Impact (Advanced)

Even the most experienced presenter can be affected by nerves or other issues. This valuable course is for those who currently deliver presentations and want to enhance their impact and credibility. It is especially popular with those from senior management and those looking to build rapport and polish their personal presentation style.

Sales Force Management

An effective sales force is created from good sales force management skills. A Sales Manager has to be many things; a seller, strategic planner, a leader and an ambassador. The role can be very different to selling alone and often the enthusiasm of the newly appointed Sales Manager is diminished once they realise they are back on a learning curve. This course is for all management levels and covers a variety of the skills needed to increase teams' profitability and success.

Telephone Appointment Making

This highly interactive course will demonstrate the skills and techniques of making qualified, quality appointments, which in turn will result in a more polished, professional and productive performance during the field visit.

Telephone Techniques

Anyone likely to speak to a customer should attend a telephone training programme. This would give them the skills required to optimise every potential opportunity when dealing with their clients and also give a professional gloss to the company. This powerful course teaches the fundamentals of successfully communicating with various styles of personality. It's a highly interactive and motivational course that empowers participants.

The Colours of Life ™

Behaviour is the doorway to communication. The correct use of it creates win/win relationships. An individual's behavioural design is the combination of four adaptable factors; Red, Yellow, Green and Blue. The colour behavioural model we work with on this enlightening course, is universally proven to provide improvement in areas such as Communication, Sales, Team Building, Customer Service, Conflict Resolution and Time Management.