Personal Development training Courses

Assertiveness AT WORK

Too many people, at all levels in organisations, fail to reach their potential because they do not assert themselves effectively. To move forward with confidence you need to cultivate your self-worth and understand how to use assertive behaviour to get what you want, as this course shows


Success in today's organisation is closely related to the ability to communicate ideas and messages effectively and sufficiently.  Poorly written correspondence can have disastrous results for your organisation and waste valuable time and resources. By the end of this highly interactive course,  delegates will have developed the necessary skills to communicate ideas in a clear, concise and effective way. 

Communication Skills

Good communication is crucial for organisational success. The way in which you deliver your message has a major impact. We look at the techniques for raising the effectiveness of communication at work. For those who have to present information to others, advise, persuade or motivate, this course is a must!

Confidence and Composure

Many employees think they are under-performing because they lack self-confidence. This course teaches delegates how to step outside their comfort zone and achieve greater results.

Conflict Management

Conflict naturally ensues where people hold differing opinions and is common in the workplace. The trick is to ensure it doesn't damage relationships. This is a highly interactive course, which teaches people how to be proactive in reducing situations of conflict and how to deal with them successfully.

Effective Written Communication

Good business writing comes from having clear objectives and putting them into effect. This practical and light-hearted course, is designed to polish the writing skills delegates already possess and make them more confident in their ability.

Facilitation Skills

This course teaches the skills needed to control and guide any group situation towards its objectives, and achieve positive results. It's of particular relevance to managers and supervisors who wish to develop a more effective non-directive leadership style and those working in group situations.

Influencing and Persuading

This course offers valuable insights into behaviour and how to use it to apply influence. It is for anyone who needs to build relationships within their organisation in order to get colleagues on side. The principles learned can also be applied to the sales and negotiation process and form powerful tools to aid the achievement of Win/Win agreements.

Mastering Difficult Conversations

This course is for anyone who has to handle difficult, sensitive or highly-charged conversations at work as part of their role. It's particularly suitable for supervisors, line managers or people working in HR, but is equally useful for people working in a wide variety of roles. Want to tackle difficult conversations with confidence? If so, then this course is a must.

Negotiation Skills

The ability to negotiate successfully is a key business and management skill. This course will enable you to understand and apply a set of processes, styles and tactics to achieve your objectives and develop productive, long-term business relationships that save time, effort and money.


This course is for anyone who has to attend conventions, business receptions, fundraisers etc. and would like them to be easier! Participants will gain the techniques required to ‘work’ the room and reap the benefits - personally and professionally.

Personal Brand

This course is for anyone who wants to increase their personal profile and make a positive impression on people, not just the first time, but every time.  Whether we realise it or not, everyone has a personal brand – made up of other people’s perceptions and being aware of how you come across is the first step to making your personal brand work for you. The course covers face-to-face communication as well as the growing importance of your online presence, giving you the tools to present yourself in the best way in a range of situations.

Personal Effectiveness

A course to help people take command of their environment, actions and responsibilities and so maximise their personal effectiveness. It involves planning realistic ways to maintain and improve performance levels. It looks at understanding how stress and pressure affect performance and how to develop coping mechanisms.

Presentation Skills

Everyone, at some time, has to deliver a presentation. When facing this challenge, it's important to make an impact and ensure that the desired message is understood and remembered. This highly interactive, fast moving course shows how a structured application of techniques results in a successful presentation every time.

Presenting with Impact (Advanced)

Even the most experienced presenter can be affected by nerves or other issues.This advanced course will be incredibly valuable for anyone who currently delivers presentations and wants to enhance their impact and credibility. Due to its content, this course is especially popular with individuals who wish to improve their rapport building and polish their personal presentation style.

Public Speaking

This advanced course is designed for those for whom speaking and presenting play a critical role in the success of their business. It’s designed to ‘fine-tune’ speaking style and improve spoken image. It teaches the ability to command an audience’s attention and project a professional image.

Stress Management

‘Stress’ has become something of a buzz word. This course aims to clarify what true stress is about, bearing in mind that Stress can on occasions, be used positively. Participants will learn how to manage and prevent stress, restore calm and perform at an optimum level.

Time Management

No-one ever has enough time. But you can learn how to maximise the time you have. This is a very interactive course that teaches delegates how to manage their time in order to maximise performance.

Train the Trainer

On this practical, interactive course participants will learn how to inspire and develop individuals with effective and motivational training. They will understand how people learn and we will teach them the specific processes needed to become an effective and inspiring trainer. This course is for both new and existing trainers.

Work Life Balance

This powerful Work-Life Balance course gives people the tools to achieve their own success. It helps them to focus on results and to channel their energy in the most effective way.