Equality and Diversity training Courses

Equality & diversity

The contemporary business world is increasingly culturally diverse. It is essential that businesses embrace this change and understand all there is to know about Equality of Opportunities and legislation. This highly interactive course aims to raise the awareness of equal opportunities law and its effect on personal and organisational responsibility.

Equality and Diversity in Recruitment and Selection

This course is designed to improve participants’ confidence in undertaking recruitment and selection in a fair, unbiased and non discriminatory way. It will provide an overview of the legislative framework within which recruitment and selection takes place, and will consider ways to prevent discrimination in key aspects of the recruitment and selection process including selection criteria, job advertisements, job descriptions, person specifications, shortlisting, interviews and assessments.

dignity & respect in the workplace

What is dignity at work? Simply put, all staff have the right to be treated with dignity, respect and courtesy, to a workplace free from bullying, harassment, discrimination and victimisation and to be valued for their skills and abilities. Course covers behaviours that constitute discrimination, bullying, harassment and sexual harassment.

Discrimination and Disability

Whether you are in the Private or Public sector, it's easy to get compliant with the DDA & the Disability Equality Duty RIGHT NOW! Our courses include practical advice and helps you apply the law into your workplace, a best practice approach combined with a highly interactive learning experience.

Diversity and inclusion for Managers

In today’s competitive business environment, it has become more important than ever to leverage diversity and maximise the talent of every employee. Increasingly, companies are linking workplace diversity to their strategic goals and objectives and holding management and HR accountable for the results. Much diversity training work focuses on telling people what not to do, what not to say and what not to believe. Our  approach to managing diversity is based on helping Managers to work out what they can do - how they can proactively build inclusive workplaces.

Harassment and Bullying

The aim of the course is to raise awareness of Bullying and Harrassment, explore how it impacts on the workplace and empower participants to promote a culture of zero-tolerance. The training is non-threatening, interactive and lively and is suitable for all backgrounds.