Customer Service training Courses

Customer Delight

“Delight occurs when a customer receives service that is BETTER than they would have believed possible”

Customers are continually evolving and becoming more demanding, so businesses can never sit back complacently. This course will set the stage for excellence in service. By the end of this course participants will understand that Customer Delight is rarely experienced, not difficult to practice and once experienced NEVER FORGOTTEN.


Effective communication is essential for business success. Whether building rapport with potential clients, dealing with customers, or meeting with colleagues in the workplace, the ability to communicate with maximum impact is a skill that all business people need, yet many find difficult to master.

Upon completion of the course delegates will have a sound understanding of the various methods of communication and will be able to demonstrate effective communication skills.

Influencing and Persuading

This course offers valuable insights into behaviour and how to use it to apply influence. The principles learned can be applied to the sales and negotiation process and form powerful tools to aid the achievement of Win/Win agreements.

Negotiation Skills

The ability to negotiate successfully is a key business and management skill. This course will enable you to understand and apply a set of processes, styles and tactics to achieve your objectives and develop productive, long-term business relationships that save time, effort and money.


This programme is for anyone who has to attend conventions, business receptions, fundraisers etc. and would like them to be easier! Participants will gain the techniques required to 'work' the room and reap the benefits - personally and professionally.

Telephone Techniques

Anyone likely to speak to a customer should attend a telephone training programme. This would give them the skills required to optimise every potential opportunity when dealing with their clients and also give a professional gloss to the company. This powerful course teaches the fundamentals of successfully communicating with various styles of personality. It's a highly interactive and motivational course that empowers participants.

The Colours of Life ™

Behaviour is the doorway to communication. The correct use of it creates win/win relationships. An individual's behavioural design is the combination of four adaptable factors; Red, Yellow, Green and Blue. The colour behavioural model we work with on this enlightening course, is universally proven to provide improvement in areas such as Communication, Sales, Team Building, Customer Service, Conflict Resolution and Time Management.