Assessment Centres

Assessment Centres are a hugely successful way to recruit, for the simple reason that over the course of the selection process you see how a candidate is likely to perform in the role, rather than the façade of their interview mode!

Assessment Centre methods have been proven to increase both 'on the job' performance and reduce staff attrition.

Whether you are looking to hire a new Sales Director or a team of telesales professionals, we provide a tailored and flexible solution for your selection process.

The first step is to understand your requirements and the competencies and skills required to succeed in the role. We can then tailor an assessment centre to your required competencies and put together a range of activities and exercises that will bring out the skills and experience you require.

A typical Assessment Centre will include:Assessment centres

  • Psychometric/Behavioural profiling
  • Formal skills testing
  • A presentation exercise
  • Business simulation exercise
  • Individual exercises
  • Group exercises
  • Lateral thinking and problem solving exercises

An Assessment Centre can offer a substantial number of benefits. However, it is vital  that the design, content and management is tailored to your organisation.

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