index360™ is a suite of employee engagement diagnostic tools that enables’ organisations, or the teams and individuals within, to obtain an accurate insight into their current position whether through 360° appraisal, 360° survey or individual self-assessment.

Our skilled and accredited team of consultants work with your organisation every step of the way. Using our range of proven online index360™ questionnaires and surveys, we can help you create employee ownership and commitment, through the facilitation of known opinions, attitudes and behaviours. This provides you with the support mechanism to help you work individually or together in order to improve organisational performance.

Our range of index360™ questionnaires and surveys include:

360 Appraisals

A range of 360 degree feedback tools, providing feedback to an individual and comparisons against their self–assessment. Managers, Peers, Colleagues, Direct Reports and even Customers (where applicable) answer a series of prescribed or bespoke competency and skill based questions in relation to the individual.

360 Surveys

A range of 360 degree feedback tools, providing feedback on the performance of a group, rather than a specific individual. A varied range of internal and / or external individuals answer a series of prescribed or bespoke questions specific to the survey requirements.

Self assessments

A range of self assessment questionnaires, providing an individual the opportunity to obtain a ‘snap shot’ of their current perceptions in order to assess and reflect upon their current status.

Additionally, due to the continued development of the index360™ toolkit and reflecting the needs of our current and growing client base, our team of consultants can work with your organisation in the build of new and bespoke questionnaires and surveys – customising diagnostic tools to meet your organisations specific needs.

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