Accredited Sales Coaching & Success Insights improves performance at GMG Radio.

Overview and Challenges

Originally the Guardian Media Group’s radio division, GMG Radio became a company in its own right and was best known for owning the Real Radio and Smooth Radio networks. As a commercial radio provider, the sale of radio advertising was central to its success.

GMG Radio’s management team recognised the need for some training to improve the company’s sales approach. It needed a programme that would deliver a more competent and confident effective approach to selling and lift morale – many of its staff were feeling unsettled by ongoing takeover discussions.

The Solution

Total Excellence Centre designed and delivered a series of four-day ILM Coaching courses for GMG Radio’s sales management team. ‘Success Insights’ profiling tools were used as part of the programme, with the over-riding objective of improving sales and coaching sales teams in the field, with particular focus on opportunity conversion.

Total Excellence Centre’s coaches also worked one-to-one with the sales managers to improve their sales leadership skills and help them coach - as well as manage - their teams. They used specialist performance coaching techniques to enable managers to continue their training “in house”.

ILM Coaching & Success Insights

Managers took part in this professional qualification, which included Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques, an approach to communication and personal development to manifest new and better behaviours. The ‘Success Insights’ profiles allowed them to further understand the different personality types of their sales team and their customers and recognise behavioural clues during the sales process. Armed with powerful knowledge about what turned customers ‘on’ and ‘off’, the team could devise more effective sales strategies.

As a result of the courses, the sales team became more competent presenters so they could better communicate to customers that they had understood their needs, before proposing a solution – making it more likely they would achieve a sale. 

The Benefits

The coaching techniques adopted by managers as a result of Total Excellence Centre’s programme has boosted staff confidence and improved performance across the sales team. They have learnt how to sell strategically, use persuasion techniques in their day-to-day calls and appointments and maximise referral opportunities:

“As a result of the highly engaging and fun training courses Total Excellence Centre delivered to our managers, we saw more personal best revenue performances from the sales team. Thanks to Total Excellence Centre our sales managers were shown the big difference between managing and coaching sales people and we’ve seen real results come through from coaching our sales team in the field since the programme started.”

“Individual sales team members have become much improved negotiators, have a more commercial approach, are now equipped with the skills required to drive new business and sales, whilst effectively managing their client base. The team are also now using positive language in every day exchanges.” - Rob Buttery, Sales Manager at GMG Radio 



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