Leadership training supports changes in the nuclear industry for Urenco

Urenco operates in a pivotal area of the nuclear fuel supply chain which ends with the sustainable generation of electricity for consumers around the world. Their principal activity is the provision of a service to enrich uranium to provide fuel for nuclear utilities.

Urenco, like the nuclear industry as a whole, was preparing for a period of significant growth. Urenco's head of HR, Steve Ball explains, "There's an increasingly challenging leadership environment in the nuclear sector, with the emphasis on performance, accountability and delivery. The significant changes taking place in the business means we need stronger and more inspirational leadership."

Total Excellence Centre won the contract to design and deliver a mailor-made leadership development programme over a two year period.

Steve Ball said, "TEC won the leadership training deal because it offered a more practical programme than its rivals. The aims were to raise the standard of leadership performance at all levels within our organisation by pursuing a development programme that provides not just skills training but seeks to change the mind-set of our leaders."

The Solution

Total Excellence Centre ran a number of focus groups and undertook a 360• feedback exercise to identify their development needs. They also held a full day's induction with Urenco to understand the business needs in order to develop their bespoke training programme.

The scope ofthe programme included all 100 leaders in the business in the UK, from the managing directorat the top to the deputy team leader in production facilities. Eight modules involved 12 learning days per leader spread over 15 months and was accredited to the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM), with candidates completing the course successfully being awarded an ILM Level3.

The Results

The training was a major step forward in ensuring that Urenco has a team of strong leaders who can make sure the business continues to be highly successful. By providing a high calibre tailor made leadership programme Urenco has been able to successfully get the commitment from the whole of the leadership team.

A delighted Steve Ball said, "The team at Total Excellence Centre spoke our language and have proved to be a really strong partner. The Leadership and Development methodology that was deployed was workshop-based and interactive, with a constantly changing, mixed group of delegates. There was networking and sharing of cross-functional experiences in every session. The emphasis was on the application of skills, not just learning theory."

The programme will help the business meet its objectives and provide a qualification which is aligned to a national standard. The Leadership team will continue to be monitored and challenged on individual performance and some leaders will undertake two further levels of the award as appropriate.


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